Why is "NO ARTIST LEFT BEHIND" seeking your help?
This is a local on-going project that will need funding, and participation from people and businesses in and outside of the downriver community to support clients and reach out to the community. NALB seeks to help the local community and people through art. The members of NALB feel this project is a worthy endeavor and an achievable goal. Helping can be as simple as attending an event to hosting your own event or artist show.

What help does "NO ARTIST LEFT BEHIND" need
NALB needs funding. Funding can come from donation of items, money, and volunteering. There will be a need for additional artists, musicians, actors, producers, etc. to be role models and assist the clients that are in the program.
Donation items that can be used include instruments in good repair, paint brushes, canvases, paper, paint, pencils (regular and colored), erasers, scripts, unexpired/unopened makeup, makeup remover, sewing machine, thread, needles, patterns, fabric, and more. The list is endless.

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